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Scobey Schools is a K-12 District with an average enrollment of about 222 students. The district enjoys a tremendous support from the community; and although a small rural school, it is able to provide a wide variety of academic, fine art, vocational, and athletic programs to its students as well as various adult education courses for its community members. In addition, special academic programs are available for students from preschool age through grade 12.

ACCREDITATION: Fully accredited by the state of Montana, Scobey Schools is noted for its fine academic programs, up to date technology and textbooks, and excellent faculty.

ACADEMICS: Scobey Schools offers a wide variety of academic, vocational, and fine art programs. Included in those programs are English, mathematics, science, social studies, health and physical education, foreign language, family and consumer sciences, vocational and practical arts, technology education which includes computer programming, instrumental and vocal music, and art education. Such programs allow Scobey students to meet the state’s university admission requirements. In addition, special academic programs are available for students from preschool age through grade twelve. Such special programs involve special education, speech therapy, and Title I services.

Scobey Schools has the capacity to offer its students college and other high school courses through its Interactive Television (ITV) system and digital academy.

Scobey Schools continues to be a Model School Site for the Montana Rural Drug Free Schools Program.

The school houses an up to date library complete with audio as well as visual materials. The library, computer labs and each classroom are equipped with networked computers all with access to the Internet.

Scobey School requires a minimum of 24 credits for graduation. (State requires 20 credits.)

EXTRA CURRICULAR: All students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities, but must remain academically eligible. As a member of the Montana High School Association, Scobey Schools offers men’s football, women’s volleyball, men and women’s track, men and women’s basketball, men and women’s golf, and men and women’s music competition.

Other activities open to students include Student Council, honor society, language club, art club, pep club, cheerleading, yearbook, FCCLA, stage band, pep band, and swing choir.

MUSIC: The music program at Scobey Schools offers students both instrumental and vocal instruction and the opportunity to perform locally and in district and state music festivals.

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Scobey Public Schools

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